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A&R now makes two HID kits for this bike. These are not generic HID kits. These kits are made for the M109 specifically. Both kits come with digital ballasts. 

KIT 1: Is a HID low beam and Halogen high beam. It is a plug and play kit, no cutting or splicing wires. It is all kept in the headlight bucket. I think the low beam is brighter because there is no shielding around the bulb, but the high beam SUCKS. But you may never need your high beam with this kit. This is your way to get a quality and reliable HID kit for not a lot of money.

KIT 2: Is a high and low beam HID kit. The high beam is activated by a magnet in the bulb assembly and shifts it to create the high beam. They have sold hundreds of these kits to M109 owners. It is more labor involved installing this kit as the power is supplied from the battery. For the rider that wants more then the basic kit with HID high beams. 

NOTE: Kit 2 will fit an R2.

Your bulb choices are; 4300k (3100Lm), 6000k (2900Lm), 8000k (2600Lm), 10000k (2300Lm), 12000k (2100Lm).

Extra bulb $50

WARRANTY The kit comes with a 1 year warranty.

For KIT 1 it is $70 shipped to your door in the continental US.

For KIT 2 it is $110 shipped to your door in the continental US.

If you live in the state of Texas, there is a 8.25% sales tax fee.
If you are out of the US, Email Rob with an address and he can email you back a total qoute.

To get this price, email Rob at http://www.aandrmotorsport.com with what you want, your Pay Pal account/email address and state that the coupon code is RYNOSBACK. 

The install link is http://www.aandrmotorsport.com/2006_...tructions.html
If you have any questions you can email or contact Rob at athttp://www.aandrmotorsport.com . Tell him your from the M109R group. 

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS : I would install the Stebel horn at the same time. There is not a whole lot more to do when installing the HID. I make a Plug and play harness for the Stebel to make it a TON easier with keeping the stock horn still in the loop. CLICK HERE to that thread. 

This is a 6000 bulb VS the stock H4 bulb.

Notice the stock light is pointed more towards the camera to.

8000 on the left and 6000 on the right


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